Sports has always been the biggest part of my life, since ever. Son of a former soccer player, I started playing on the grass, but I've always been attracted by what was happening in the gym in front of the stadium, especially about what was going on with the orange ball.

I always used sport as a way to escape and visit other countries and cultures. This allowed me to know various French regions, but also foreign countries like the U.S. where I studied and played as a college student, but also Italy where I spent three seasons as a basketball player and now in Spain where our sport company is located at. 

Following a serious injury in 2008, I could not longer play at a level allowing me to live of my passion as an athlete, I then decided to pass on to the kids the knowledge and experiences I accumulated during all these years. I headed back to school in Paris to work on my physical education diploma as well as my basketball coaching certification. There, I discovered my attraction for the study of the body, the ways to maintain it in a good shape, how to develop it and especially the art of using it. 

Since then I have worked in various Basketball clubs but also with municipalities, universities and prestigious international schools. These experiences have allowed me to put my knowledge into practice. I was able to check my qualities on and off the court and my ability to interact with different people: going from three year old kids to national level athletes.

Lately, I have also been working individually with athletes, to make them improve their technical,  psychological and physical skills during individual workouts or basketball camps.

Since I retired as a basketball player, I wanted to create something different in the sport world in order for the youth to be able to use their passion as an educational tool. Building something never done before in Europe: a “multi-services” sport company for student-athletes of all levels. 

Our company is different than most sports organisations you’ll find in the world. Our technical and tactical instruction, our experience with high level athletes, international leagues and club teams, educational institutions and sport federations all around the world gives us the opportunity to feel confident in helping a student-athlete like you in your amazing project, and this, both on and off the court.